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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Professional dancer and choreographer since 2005, she participated in several Salsa, Zouk and Samba World Congresses held in São Paulo. In 2010, she completed the famous international course called “College of Salsa” performed by Caribbean Connection staff and got trained by the best professionals in the world of salsa. In 2008, Aline won the National Championship of Ballroom Dancing in Florianópolis, “Baila Floripa”.

In 2009, she became the first national tournament salsa champion, the “Salsa y Sabor” held by the Salsa World Congress in Brazil.

Aline joined the Club Company “Latin Dance”, participating in shows Nuances Latinas (2008) and Desires (2009). Since then, she also worked in renowned institutions like the SESC, giving classes and performing shows. From 2012 to 2013, she performed on Cruises by Costa Cruises dancing along the Brazilian coast. Abroad, she participated in the most important South American salsa competition in Rosario (Argentina), where became second runner-up award winner. Soon after, in November 2012, she performed at the “Congress Comadreja” in Cordoba (Argentina), which gathers all the leading dancers and competitors in the world of salsa. Currently she enhances her skills by graduating the physical education course. In 2013 Aline joined forces with Dadinho and incorporated beautiful and sexy ladies styling in their Zouk moves.

To date, resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

kamacho - 600x400

Rio de Janeiro

Tiago Camacho, better known as Kamacho, is real Zouk sensation. In 2008, with less than 10 months of experience, he presented his own choreography in front of an audience of 1,500 at a well-known event in Rio de Janeiro. From then on, his innovative dance style continues to win him plenty of attention. Today, this young talent has developed into one of the most spectacular dancers in the world of Zouk.

A gifted artist, Kamacho has done Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Broadway Special, Contemporary and Modern Dance. His belief is that all of these styles help the dancer to improve on their musicality, creativity and freedom of expression, which in turn will enhance the body’s ability to move to the sound of Zouk.

Kamacho is the fastest rising star in the Zouk world. This is because he is very diligent at attending events related to Zouk. He calls his own style ”Lyrikal (with a “K” which stands for his own name Kamacho) Dance”, the uniqueness of which excites a lot of Zouk people in both Brazil and abroad.
He performs and teaches in many countries of Europe and Asia, such as Switzerland, Austria, Russia, France,China, Czech Republic, Cyprus. His classes always full of people who want to learn Zouk in creative way and have “real fun” on the dance floor.

To date, resides in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Teacher, dancer and choreographer, Jefferson Dadinho is one of the most demanded Zouk teachers today. He was recognized in Brazil and internationally when he developed his own style: by applying general techniques of Street Dance in social dancing. As a choreographer, he works with bands performing concerts in Brazil, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. From 2010 onwards he decided to invest more time into Zouk and soon became a choreographic assistant in Cia Renato Veronezi. At the same time he achieved excellent results in major zouk championships. He was vice-champion of Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Brazil and worldwide between 2010 and 2011. Since then he travelled several Brazilian cities participating in congresses and teaching workshops. Among others are Florianópolis (SC), Cuiabá (MT), Rio de Janeiro, Uberlândia (MG), Brasília (DF) and others. In 2012, he began his international career, and has already worked in Argentina, England, Russia and Holland. Between trips and other activities, he opened classes in Cia Boombox, training  teachers in Zouk and other social dances.

Jefferson Dadinho & Aline Cleto Now Jefferson Dadinho & Aline Cleto have decided to join forces in this new team which promises to become a history in Brazilian couple dance. With a full calendar up until 2014, the duo is focused on its international commitments. By the end of 2013, they have confirmed to work in Europe, Canada, Argentina, Australia and UAE.

To date, resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

BraSaZouk Dance School was founded by Claudia de Vries in 2004 with the aim to bring Brazilian dancing to the attention of a wider audience. At that time these beautiful and energetic dances were still relatively unknown. Nowadays BraSaZouk offers a wide variety of dance styles, including aerobic styles like Zumba®.

The name BraSaZouk is composed of the word Brasa, which means embrace in Surinamese, and Zouk, the most popular dance from Brazil. The warmth of “Brasa” is perceptible in every aspect of our dance school, whether it’s because of the lessons, the teachers or our cozy dance rooms. The link to Suriname can be found in Tasty Melody, the in-house restaurant with a Surinamese-Dutch cuisine. As forerunners of Brazilian dances, talented and enthusiastic instructors are putting BraSaZouk both on the national and international maps in shows and demonstrations. But the most important thing is, they want students to go home happy, satisfied and with a big smile.

Specializations. BraSaZouk is specialized in popular Brazilian dances like; Brazilian Zouk, LambaZouk, (Lamba)Zouk ladies styling, Axé, Forró, Samba no Pe (Samba solo), Samba de Gafieira en Samba de Pagode.

About the lessons. The lessons are normally given in English and Dutch language. The number of participants range from 8 to 24 people. We try to limit the number of participants so that we can give full attention to all students. Brazilian dances are usually performed in couples. This doesn’t mean you cannot register if you don’t have a dance partner. Every season it turns out that we have enough single students, both ladies and gentlemen. We also change partners frequently during the lessons, an excellent way to learn to lead and to follow. For the lessons we recommend comfortable clothing and footwear. Soft drinks, coffee and tea are available at the bar.

Trial lesson. Of course we offer the possibility to follow a trial lesson. The price for a lesson is € 12,-. If you sign up for a course, this amount will be deducted.

Private lesson. Do you prefer a few private lessons: alone, as a couple or with a small group? That is also possible. These lessons are given outside normal class times. Please contact us for information.


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3363 NE 163rd St., Miami, FL 33160

Zouk Mia offers Brazilian Zouk classes, parties and performances in the Miami area.

Instructors: Nyx & Kendra “Kendy” Haynes

Weekly Classes

8:00 – Intro To Brazilian Zouk (AT VK DANCE) FREE
8:30 – Brazilian Zouk I (AT VK DANCE)
9:30 – Brazilian Zouk II (AT VK DANCE)

Zouk social at C Lounge directly after class. Zoukers get a FREE wristband at C Lounge for 50% off drinks when they attend class at VK Dance!

Class Prices

Intro to Zouk class at 8pm is always FREE!
Level I – $50 montly Zouk pass gives you access to the classes for the next 4 weeks
Level II- $50 monthly Zouk pass gives you access to the classes for the next 4 weeks.

Classes are held at:

VK Dance, 3363 NE 163rd St., Miami, FL 33160

Delft, Netherlands

Imagine being able to create magic on the dance floor with dancers from any level or background and make them feel great, without prior formal training. Discover the SEVEN SECRETS on how to become a great dancer. A proven system for creating a magical dance that allows you to make your dance imagination come to life (NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED). Hundreds of dancers around the world have already improved their dance with the principles and techniques that you will learn during the Zouk ZENsation event.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • Intensify the connection with your dance partner;
  • How to use music as a leverage instead of luggage;
  • Discover the tips and tricks from the pro’s;
  • Unique tools that can get you from Good to Great;
  • How to bring your own creativity in your dance;
  • Techniques that will make you the most wanted partner on the dance floor.

Zouk ZENsation is a feature rich Zensational one full day program starting with a Zensational 3 hour workshop by Kwok Wan. After that there will be a display of the first full feature documentary film about Zouk, called “Dance of Love” (winner of the California Film Awards). In the evening there will be a party with auditive and visual stimuli guided by Master Kwok in order to create an atmosphere that is conducive for “the Zouk magic” to happen, the feeling that makes Zouk such a great dance. Visitors will be able to experience Zouk, not just in a physical, or emotional, but also in a bit of spiritual way.

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Nyx DJ - 600x400

Miami Beach, Florida

Music, Arts, and Dance. That is what defines his essence and life. Nyx (Fabiano Trofino) began molding his talents in 1986 at the age of 8 with classical piano and moved on to become a multi-instrumentalist and professional vocalist. In 1992 created his own recording studio (FDT Studios) and started working with music production, audio engineering, graphics design, and throughout the years was part of various musical projects and bands at his hometown Miami Beach, FL. USA. Nyx broadened and polished his skills and talents attending two highly acclaimed schools, The Sdoia-Satz Music Institute as well as the University Of Miami School Of Music.

Passion, Energy, and Emotion. Nyx is one of the most eclectic and versatile Djs in the world. With 3 successful remix albums to his name (Mystic Illusions 2008, Hypnotic 2009, and Synergy 2010),and  one collaboration album (ZNL Nation 2009), Nyx has grasped the audience with his innovative style and professional sound quality. Nyx travels around the world spinning at numerous festivals, congresses and popular venues. Zouk Night Love, or better know as ZNL, is a team of DJs and Producers which include Mafie Zouker, Paulo Mac, Allan Z, Kadu Pires, Cronus, Arkhanjo and Nyx himself.

Fabiano “Nyx” Trofino is also a Songwriter, Composer, Producer, Poet, and Teacher. In his hometown, Miami, Nyx is the Part-Owner, Principle Instructor and Organizer alongside Kendy Haynes as his partner, of Zouk Mia dance school and Creative Director of I’M ZOUK – 1st International Miami Zouk Festival. 10 years in the making, NYX is one of the most famous artists of Brazilian Zouk and Music in the world! Make sure to check out and be part of his fan-page NYX ZNL on Facebook!

To date, resides in Miami Beach, USA.

Nyx on Facebook.

Nyx ZNL official Facebook Page.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mafie Zouker is a Brazilian DJ, who is remixing common songs with a zouk (some say neozouk or soulzouk) beat so the songs are better suited for zouk (brazilian style), lambazouk and lambada dancing. His remixes are both called soulzouk (the slower versions) and Zouk revolution (the faster versions, often with a reggaeton beat).

He comes from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. He is one of the Djs that promote the new tendencies of the Brazilian Zouk dance, and danceable music with exclusive remixes, classes, new song releases, and theme parties. Mafie: owner of the Neozouk and Zouk Night Love, in cooperation with some other Dj´s, as a dancer, as a teacher, as a promoter and as a Dj.

Those who haven’t heard the remixes of Mafie yet are those who never have danced Brazilian zouk!

For those who don’t know, little Marco (for some…) started to dance “danca de salao” when he was only twelve years old, and had met Brazilian zouk for the first time one year later at a party. From that moment on, it was only a matter of time to observe Adílio Porto dancing and to perceive that, as he himself quoted: “zouk as a dance and as music can be limitless.”

As all good artists with their own special visions, Mafie was not contented with the existed music only and decided to create a very unique style. The music of “Neozouk” is capable to let a person feel every detail of it without solely depending on its beats or marks, and yes, in the ambiance and the sensations this style of music can offer.

Mafie Zouker is -no doubt- a very talented artist with immense opportunities. Without him zouk would not be the same as it has become!

To date, resides in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Mafie Zouker on Facebook.

Vienna, Austria

Dj G-Zouk from Vienna (Austria) already started as a Dj for different music styles during his school time. In 2010, coming from Salsa LA, he began learning Lambazouk and Zouk from his instructors Tania Onça & Marcelo Estilo. Their passion for Brazilian Zouk infected him right away and besides becoming a dedicated and skillful Zouk dancer he also became a Dj for Brazilian Zouk. Dj G-Zouk is known for playing all kinds of Zouk music styles and for his skills in reading the dance floor. He is the resident Zouk-Dj at Viennas main Latin Club and also performs as a Zouk/Kizomba/Bachata-Dj at Viennas main Salsa Parties. 2012 he also started playing at International Salsa Festivals in Hungary and Czech Republic. At the „1st ZOUK AUSTRIA Congress 2012“ he achieved his international breakthrough in the Zouk scene, performing with great success next to very well-known international Djs. Following that event he has been invited to play at other International Zouk Congresses throughout Europe.

To date, resides in Vienna, Austria.

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Luanda, Angola

Anselmo Ralph Andrade Lamb (born 1981 in Luanda, Angola), better known as Anselmo Ralph, is a singer of R&B, Soul and Kizomba. Ralph attended school in Angola, then emigrated to New York to finish school where he majored in accounting in college.
A former member of an alternative rock band from New York, Anselmo began making projects as a solo artist. In January 2006 he released his first album titled “Love Stories”.

That year he was nominated by the Channel O Music Video Awards in the “Best R & B” and “Best Director” categories, and by the MTV Europe Music Awards 2006 in the “Best African Artist” category.
In 2012, Coca-Cola announced a promotional campaign featuring Ralph, their first with an Angolan artist. As of January 2013, Ralph was touring the Benguela region of Angola to promote his album “Best of Anselmo Ralph”, which premiered the month before in the #5 position on the Portugal Albums Top 30 chart.

2004- “Anselmo” (Demo)
2006- “Historias de Amor”
2007- “As Ultimas Historias de Amor [Edição Especial]”
2009- “O Cupido”
2011- “A Dor do Cupido [Single]”
2012- AR best of Anselmo Ralph

To date, resides in Luanda, Angola.


Recife, Brazil

Welton “Well” Assis was born on 8 April in the city of Pernambuco. He started playing at 14 years old when his father presented him first instrument – a guitar, which was initial basis of all life in music, majoring in then a band with friends, continue receiving of numerous invitations to sing in bands of various music genres . It was then he realized his vocation of singing and he started to search of goals leading to music job  more seriously.

At eighteen, he began his musical career playing on dances and weddings, adding to his musical repertoire national and international music from great artists. His first performances were on stages of Municipalities where he took the first steps in the professional sector and gained experience. Always working with music, he received several invitations to make commercial recordings, participated in local programs, radio, TV, reality shows like “Idols”, traveled to several places in Brazil . Well also was working with artists and music bands in various shows.

Passionate about music, Well is about to release his first solo album. He started doing his solo project in January 2012, releasing his first album titled “TEMPESTADE”. The album is dominated by music genres R&B and Zouk Love, which is reflected in large influences of such artists as Anselmo Ralph, NE-YO and others. Besides singing, he dances, plays and composes his own music.

To date, resides in Recife, Brazil.

Well Assis official web-page:

Well Assis official Facebook page:

Well Assis on Facebook:

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Paulo Mac from 5 years of age showed talent singing and playing musical instruments throughout his career, he participated in several projects such as CDs and bands and groups performing at some major clubs, parties and homes show in Brazil.

Standing out also:
In 2006 – 15 shows opening group “WESTLIFE” touring the UK, with an audience of more than 200,000 people scattered across England and Scotland.
In 2006 – Song “Minha versão” was released on cd “Pancadão do caldeirão do huck”.
In 2007 – Song “Chega aí” was released on the CD “HIP HOP NACIONAL do caldeirão do huck”.
In 2009 – began recording his pop CD – Paulo Mac.
In 2010 – began to stand out in the Latin music market in several countries with “Zouk” dance that absolutely absorbed its sound sensual and romantic .
In 2011 – creation of Singles (CD that brings together some of the singer’s singles and remixes).
In 2011 – the Tour Australia with shows in cities such as Sydney , Brisbane , Melbourne, Perth and others …
In 2011 – Participation in the Congress of Latin dance in buenos aires “Buenos Aires baila”.
In 2012 – European Tour ( Germany – Spain – England – Netherlands) for posting and dissemination of their new album “Imutável”.

In every work fueled by his desire to create, not limited only to itself, creating compositions and productions for other artists .

Today with a current proposal and quality, bring in your cd mixing elements of music Romantica Pop, Reggae, R&B, Zouk and electronics, working for all kinds of audiences, in a way that you never saw in Brazil, bringing with experience as a singer, musician, reflecting on what is best in Brazil and the world, mixing quality and versatility, you may have access through the site and social networks spread across the web.

To date, resides in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.