Parker enforcer crossbow

Parker Enforcer Crossbow

What’s in the Box?
Parker Enforcer crossbow and its accessories
Multi-reticle scope
Lifetime warranty from Parker

Draw weight: 160 lbs
Velocity: 305 feet per second
Stroke: 11”
Total crossbow length and weight: 37.25″ / 7.1 lbs
Axle-to-Axle: 20.25″

*Parker doesn’t usually include bolts in their package although some sellers may include them in their package.

The Parker Enforcer is an easy to assemble, spend some fifteen minutes with it and you’re good to go out in the woods, simply feed the cables through the stock groove, attach the prod to its stock with the help of the screws, next is you should screw the bolt quiver and foot stirrup, then simply attach the multi-reticle scope; in fact, even the most novice of hunters can setup this top crossbow by themselves.
Because of its perfectly symmetrical design, you will get nothing but perfect bolt groupings but of course if your shooting technique is done right; actual results may vary regarding the weather and accessories you may have equipped on your crossbow.
Whatever you desire to hunt… Deer, elk, and even moose, the Parker Enforcer can definitely handle and regardless of where you want to hunt, no job is too big for this crossbow as long as your aim is steady and true; hunting is a serious hobby, a lifestyle for some in fact so don’t commit to hunting if you don’t take practice seriously.

At 160lbs, the Parker Enforcer can be quite difficult to cock so therefore you need to use a rope cocking device for it, however since a rope cocking device isn’t included, you need to purchase one separately… Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost that much as your crossbow, and while you can manually draw the Parker Enforcer, a rope cocking device makes your draws more even and consistent..
With its optimally balanced design, the Enforcer combines style and power in one aggressive crossbow, its ergonomically contoured pistol grip makes sure you can shoot arrows continuously while you trek, hike or even run after your prey or even while you’re standing in your tree stand.
For those who keep tabs in the hunting world, you may be familiar of the Parker Enforcer as it has been released before and has been revamped to be better and faster, however, this model is much more quieter and efficient compared to its old design
The Enforcer has a split limb design that fires arrows at a blistering 315 feet per seconds, and with its advanced limb system, you’re sure to get consistent shots arrow after arrow.

The Enforcer has a draw weight of 160 pounds which may be difficult for other hunters to draw it, however you may use a crank such as the Parker sidewinder crank, cranks make it easy for hunters to draw their crossbows with ease; this comes barnett wildcat c5 review in handy for those who may have problems with their shoulders and joints.
Overall, the Enforcer is a very well-balanced crossbow great for hunting and includes everything you need to get started with hunting in a couple of minutes after setting it up, it’s definitely worth your money, and can be used by everyone for either hunting or even target practice.
You may need to purchase bolts separately since Parker hasn’t included them in their package.