Simple relaxation technique with Massage chair

Dreamover massage chairEuropean inspired chairs bring modern style and ingenious design together into one of the most unique office chairs on the market. Made with extra strong bungie cord loops to give medium firm support that fits your body exactly. The bungie design also allows for air to flow through the back and seat to keep you comfortable year round. The massage pods are located in the shoulder and lower back areas to work the tension out. Massage intensity is variable and can be changed with the hand held remote control. Features tilt, swivel, gas lift, locks in fore and aft position, and a pocket for massage control.

Chair massage is probably the fastest growing form of body work in America and it is now beginning to take off in the same way in Britain and Europe, test this chair. It is sometimes called On-site Massage or Seated Massage, terms which differentiate it from the more traditional forms of Table Massage.

Although massage work on seated patients has always been a part of most systems of massage, Chair massage as a self contained system is a relatively recent phenomenon.
In 1982 David Palmer took over as the Director of the Amma Institute of Traditional Japanese Massage and he realised that there was not enough work to go around for the graduates of the Institute. Traditional Table Massage is too intimate and too expensive for many people to want to try it. He therefore developed a form of massage that could be done anywhere, in a shorter time and with clothes on. Thus Chair Massage was born.
In 1984 he and his graduates started working at Apple Computers giving up to 350 on site massages a week. Although this didn’t last through the downturn in Apple’s fortunes it was a positive beginning. In 1986 production began of the chair that had been specially designed for this type of work, just twelve years later more than 100,000 of these chairs are in use around the world.

Massage Chair is not positioned as a therapy or treatment but as a simple relaxation technique. This makes it more accessible to people not looking for personal growth and life changing treatment. It also makes it a way into deeper massage for people who might not otherwise take the first step.
Massage Chair is now available in shopping malls and airports as well as in many corporate workplaces all over America and increasingly in Britain. This was an accessible form of bodywork that brings the advantage of massage on people who will not noticed otherwise experienced it.
David Palmer says that massage will increase the circulation decongest the pores of the skin. Maintain and hold as it will gently squeeze the tissues and this will stretch upward.

This will increases the circulation from the kidney that will improve the filtration. Digestion is also improved with the massage enhanced further with more specific effleurage and with its intermittent pressure. Too painful massage may otherwise effleurage will utilised and will increase the venous and arterial flow around joints. Friction movements are absolutely suitable for improving the blood circulation in the body to its periarticular structures. Muscles has been measured using comfortable standing position close to the treatment. The most practical arrangement for this position, is the technique that was applied from standing. Place your left hand movement in the direction of the inguinal.